Gift Guides!

It's that time of year and I figured why not share some of the gift guides I've created for you. First up we will start with.....Men! I'm not sure about you but I struggle sometimes buy for the men in my life. I've complied a handful of items that might be good for the man in your life.

  1. Spices - If you have a man that likes to cook, then you cannot go wrong with these unique spice; $24.99

  2. Contour Gage - I saw this on a social media ad a few months ago and it is so cool! It helps you measure odd things so that you can get the correct measurements and cuts; $19.99 (currenlty has a $4 off coupon)

  3. Beard Bib/Apron - I'm not sure about you, but my hubby is so messy when he shaves his beard. There ends up being hair EVERYWHERE, and I have no idea how. I didn't get this for him but his birthday is in January, I am definitely thinking about getting him this; $9.99

  4. Watch - I got this exact watch from Citizen for Blake. He was recently talking about how he needed a watch and I used to work at a jewelry store and know that Citizen is a good brand!; $109.98

  5. Funny Socks - These socks are so cool! I love that you can put your face on them and you can even put your pets face on them. I got Blake a pair with my face on it last year, and he thought it was pretty funny!; $9.99

  6. Whiskey Decanter - Another item that I got Blake last year and he absolutely loves! It has a ship in it, so it looks like it is sailing when you have the whiskey in it. This makes such a great gift! If you order it, make sure to order it a few weeks before you need it, as it came broke last year and I had to exchange it, in other words it is very fragile; $36.99

  7. Magnet Wristband - Ok, I saw this and thought that this was super cool. Definitely a must for the guys who work around the house a lot and constantly losing the screws; $17.97

Moving on to that one person that always loves to be comfy....this is for them!

  1. Fuzzy Socks - These socks are so soft and of course I had to get myself a pair to test them out and not only are they super soft BUT the price is even better, these would make amazing stocking stuffers; $5

  2. Robe - I do not personally own this robe but I have felt it and this is the perfect robe for those who love anything soft; $29.99

  3. Slippers - Anyone else basically ruin a pair of slippers every year? Slippers are definitely a must have and such an easy and great gift; $15

  4. Pajamas - Not only are these cute pjs but they are super soft! This is from the brand Stars Above and anything from them is super soft and a must have, maybe you should even have this on your wishlist; $24.99

  5. Big One Blankets - Another soft item! I have 3 of these and I love them, they make great gifts and are great to have around the house. Keep an eye on them because they often go on sale for around $10; as of 11/20 they are $20

This one is for the hostess with the mostess!

  1. Monogram Wine Glasses - Because WINE not. I personally have been all about monogram this past year, and thought these wine glasses were just the cutest thing; $8.79

  2. Wine Cooler - This just looks fancy as heck and I know I would love to show this off. I've seen these all over the internet lately and think that anyone that likes to host or that likes wine needs one of these; $29.95

  3. Charcuterie Board - Charcuterie has become the biggest thing the past couple of years and I still have yet to make one! This board is one that you can customize and not only makes a great Christmas gift but also makes a great wedding gift; $28.24

  4. Quesadilla Maker - But who doesn't love a good quesadilla? I've had this one for years and it is so amazing and so easy when I want to make something fast and easy; $21.99

  5. Electric Salt & Pepper Shakers - These things are fancy but without the price of being fancy. I got these as a wedding gift and they are all I use, fresh cracked pepper and salt....YES PLEASE. These are absolutely amazing! Only down side is they require 6 batteries each, other than that I have nothing but amazing things to say about these; $19.99

  6. Mini Waffle Maker - How cute is this gadget?! I do not have one but am tempted, especially with the price of this. I've seen people make cinnamon rolls with this thing; $9.99

If you have anyone in your life that is like me and is a mug hoarded, then these mugs from target are the perfect mugs! Mugs also make great stocking stuffers and especially at the price point of $5-$7 per mug.

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I plan on making a few more gift guides, if you have any suggestions let me know!!

A little disclaimer, everything linked above are affiliate links and I do receive a very, very small commission on the purchases. It's free for you, each link takes you directly to the product. I appreciate your support and when you click and shop from my links, it may not seem like it but it means the world to me and is one of the ways that you can support me.




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