Mother's Day 2021 Gift Guide - Dog Mom Edition

If you are anything like me, you aren't a mom BUT you are a dog mom, which in my opinion constitutes as being able to celebrate yourself on Mother's Day! I've put together a little gift guide for for dog mom's, because we deserve to be celebrated too.

Tell Your Dog I Say Hey Tee - This is the cutest t-shirt and it's only $8! This makes such a great gift for the dog mom OR dog lover.

Dog Mom Travel Mug - As someone who is a mug collector, I thought this was the cutest thing ever. It's the perfect gift for Mother's Day. The only downside in my personal opinion, is that it doesn't come in other dog breeds, but that's ok!

Dog Mom Baseball Hat - I'm tempted to get this for myself! This baseball hat comes in multiple colors and is just the cutest. For me personally, I would wear it all the time running errands. I am proud to be a dog mom!

Custom Dog Socks - I bought my husband socks similar to these a couple years ago, but instead of our dog it has my face on it. But socks with your dogs face on it are SO much better than my face, if you were to ask me.

Best Friend Necklace/Collar Tag - I got this for my sister-in-law for Christmas for her and our dog. They are legit best friends and I thought that this was the cutest thing ever, and its under $10. Which you can't beat! It's a friendship necklace for you and your bestie!

Dog Water Bottle - This is one of the best things to have if you like to go for long walks/hikes with your pup! We have one for Athena and have used it multiple times, because dogs get thirsty too!!

I Work Hard Coffee Mug - I know, I know, another coffee mug BUT let me tell you, this is the best and most accurate saying for most dog moms. I have this and when I received it I thought it was the funniest thing ever, because it is so true.

Dog Mom Shirt - This would go great with the Dog Mom Baseball Hat! This t-shirt is also from target and I also have this as well. It's such a soft shirt and so cute, what more can you ask for?!

I had such a fun time creating this Dog Mom's gift guide for Mother's Day! I will also be creating a Mother's Day gift guide soon, so be on the look out for that.

If you have any of these items, I'd love to know what you have and what your favorite item is! In the mean time, keep scrolling for some photos of my pup!

**The links in this blog post are affiliate links, which means I do receive a very small commission when you purchase from my links.


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