My Pregnancy Journey So Far...The 1st Trimester

I can't believe that I am actually writing this! If you don't know, I'm pregnant with my first and due in May of this year. Crazy to believe that in just 4 months, I'm no longer going to be a dog mom but a human mom.

I wanted to write this blog post as I've been getting some questions and to also normalize that not every pregnancy is all sunshine and rainbows, as I've been seeing a lot of women talk about how they have not had any morning sickness or am seeing women who are exercising daily, and let me just tell you that is not me. I have not done any physical activity in a very long time!

**Please note that everything in this blog post is of my own experiences and opinions, that I just want to share with you.

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The First Trimester

The minute I found out I was pregnant, my morning sickness started. My period was a few days late, and I just felt a little different (it's hard to explain, I just felt different), after about 3 or 4 days of waiting on my period I decided to take a pregnancy test at 5am, just before work. And it was an immediate positive, I was in shock as I was hoping our family would start in about a year or two. I've always imagined telling my husband in a cute way that I was pregnant, but I was in so much shock I yelled for him to come upstairs to make sure that I was reading the test correctly.

Once I got to work that morning, I took another test, and then another and then a couple days I took a couple more. It was just so hard to believe that I was pregnant, I think I'm still in shock! The next day I couldn't even eat any breakfast, it was hard to eat anything, luckily I was able to eat toast. If you know me then I have to have every single meal, otherwise I do not do well.

For the first 3 months, all I could eat in the morning was toast, sometimes with butter and sometimes I could have peanut butter. The first week of knowing that I was pregnant was one of the roughest, I was throwing up all day and couldn't really eat. I eventually called my doctor and they told me to take both B6 and Unisom, which has helped tremendously, and I'm still taking it to this day because if I don't then my head is back in the toilet.

I was also very tired everyday, after work when I would get home I would head to the couch and be there for the remainder of the evening. Most days it was rough to get up and get ready for work and feel normal. And if we are being honest, even though I am now out of the first trimester, it's still hard to get up in the mornings some days and try to survive the day without a nap.

Another odd thing that happened the minute I found out I was pregnant, it became uncomfortable to sleep at night. I couldn't get comfortable and my ribs just felt weird when I would sleep, weird, I know but that's the truth. I actually ended up buying a pregnancy pillow and it has been AMAZING and so helpful on getting a better night's sleep. My husband even likes cuddling up on one side of it too!

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Now that we are out of the first trimester, I will say that I do have more energy than I had. I can eat pretty much anything, luckily I have not had any food aversions this entire pregnancy *knock on wood*. I'm still very tired a lot of the time. Morning sickness is still around as long as I take the B6 and Unisom. I do not have the pregnancy glow that everyone talks about. I am starting to have acne and breakouts all over my face, which I've never really had this issue before. I want to wearing nothing but leggings, and they have to be the right leggings. On the weekends I've been sleeping in until 8:30am-9am, which I don't feel bad about because I know that once the baby is here I won't be getting much sleep. I have no motivation to clean the house or cook dinner most nights. The last thing that I can think about is that I am not enjoying being pregnant like I hear a lot of people do. I'm hoping that will change, but so far I am not having any fun.

One thing I've learned is that every pregnancy really is different. Some women don't have morning sickness, some (like myself) do have morning sickness, and some women are even sick the entire time. Some are able to exercise daily, and some aren't. Some have all the energy in the world, and I don't. Another thing is, every bump is different. Some women show right away, others don't pop for a while. I am 5 months pregnant and I have not popped, I have a small bump and I've see some women who are 5 months pregnant and are already huge. Just remember to not compare yourself to others, just worry about you and your baby!

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I wanted to answer some questions that I've gotten, to hopefully help you and just to share a little more about my pregnancy journey:

Where you trying?

I wouldn't say that we were, but I wouldn't say that were weren't. I stopped taking birth control in July and we ended up conceiving in August. I've heard of women getting off birth control and it taking them about a year to conceive, which I thought might be the case for us. I haven't heard of women getting off birth control and conceiving the next month. But I guess I'm just a different story and that we were meant to be parents sooner rather than later :)

Do you know what you are having?

Yes! We actually used SneakPeek which is an at home kit that is sent to you and you give them a little bit of your blood and send it in. It's such an easy and fast process. We sent it in on a Wednesday, they received it on Saturday and by Sunday we were sent the results. Keep an eye out on my Instagram for when we announce the gender of the baby!

What Prenatal are you taking?

I started taking Ritual in May or June of last year and have been taking it my entire pregnancy. I love it because it gets automatically delivered to your door.

Any Cravings?

Surprisingly, no, not really. There was about a week or two during my first trimester where all I was craving was hot sauce/buffalo sauce on anything and everything. But then it went away. I still look for spicy foods, but no real cravings which I'm surprised about.

Stretch Mark products?

Yes! I've been applying Palmer's Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks whenever I get out of the shower, if I remember. I also bought the Burt's Bees Mama Body Oil that I also apply before lotion, I guess we will see if it works.


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